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        • Name: Flat+Cording+Triple Sequin Mixed Machine
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        1.In same embroidery design,there are flat,cording,sequin,ect mixed embroidery functions.

        2.The unique head design could achieve double taping embroidery.double cording embroidery functions,greatly reducing the replacement of embroidery material time,improve production efficiency.

        3.With the embedded demgn computer control system,the speed could be faster(can achieve750rpm).higher accuracy and easier maintenance.

        4.Presser foot lifts aut om ati cally.After finishing the cording embroidery works,the presser foot is aut omati cally raised into standby mode to facilitate the movement offremes and replac ement ot material and other operati ons.

        5.Powerful addition to the choice of attachments,can have winding embroidery.ribbon embroidery.feather stitch embroidery.cording embroidery.folding stitch embroidery.zigzag stitch embroidery.stereo embroidery.ect embroidery modes.makes the embroidery designs more colorful&brilliant.

        6.Autom atic thread break detection function,during embroidery process,no matter thread break or thread exhausted,machine will stop and alarm.

        7.Stepping motor drives the sequin device lifting with more accuracy.lower noise.and lessmal function.

        8.In the same sequin device can be used three different specifications and different colors of sequin.The sequin could be suppied or derlly.crosslly or over lapping this can reduce replacement of sequins greatly and improve working efficiency.makes embroidered pattems more colorful and beautiful.


        ZY-EMSD-CD304+4 4 3 6 9 4 1          TRIPLE            SEQUIN            DEVICE 324MM-500MM 680MM-1200MM 220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ
        ZY-EMSD-CD306+6 6 3 6 9 6 1
        ZY-EMSD-CD308+8 8 3 6 9 8 1
        ZY-EMSD-CD310+10 10 3 6 9 10 1
        ZY-EMSD-CD312+12 12 3 6 9 12 1
        ZY-EMSD-CD315+15 15 3 6 9 15 1
        ZY-EMSD-CD320+20 20 3 6 9 20 1
        ZY-EMSD-CD322+22 22 3 6 9 22 1