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        Handmade Embroidery — Information

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        ■ on hand embroidery hand embroidery

        What is embroidery? It refers to the manual way, with needle and thread to add design and production of human existence in any fabric of an art.

        ■ hand-embroidered Categories

        Classified by origin: can be divided into "Application embroidery" (Shanghai), "Suzhou embroidery" (Jiangsu), "Guangdong embroidery" (Guangdong), "embroidery" (Hunan) and so on.

        By processing methods, hand-embroidery can be divided into "semi-hand-embroidery" and "hand embroidery"

        ■ About Hand Embroidery

        Hand embroidery is a famous traditional Chinese arts and crafts, arts and crafts in the history of China played an important role. Hand embroidery and sericulture, silk reeling inseparable. China is the world's first discovery and use of silk country, people had started four or five thousand years ago, sericulture, silk reeling up. With the use of silk, silk production and development of hand embroidery is gradually rising, according to Chinese historical "Book of History" records, 4000 years ago, "Zhang service system" to provide for clothing, "Couture Painting embroidered clothing," the decoration, see China four thousand years ago, hand embroidery has been widely popular.

        In 1958, China Tombs unearthed a dragon and phoenix pattern of hand embroidery, which is two thousand years ago the ancient Warring States period of Chinese embroidery, is now found in China, one of the first-kind hand-embroidery, and now, China Embroidery by hand almost all over the country, Suzhou, Suzhou embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Shu embroidery in Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangdong embroidery (Canton embroidery) their own characteristics, known as China's four famous embroidery, hand embroidery are all kinds of unique folk . To today's works of art, craft elaborate and complex.

        Literature throughout the ages, from the ancient verse "Motherhood" Sentence "concubines have embroidered waist jacket, luxuriantly, self light", Southern Song Shen verse "Syzygium embroidered on the collar, back in the Acacia-chi", until the Tang Li Bai sentence "Jade Gold thread, embroidery into song and dance clothing, "and so, almost no lack of such a description see, in particular the description of Pop Song of life, provided more detailed written Exquisite describe a few examples. Women do not Chuge daughter, red is down to business, they have injected into their feelings really are "trivial harm the embroidery work, smile mandarin word Zensheng book" the mood. Rich girl enjoys both work and embroidery, dress hat shoes shirts, pillow quilt drapery panel are for embroidery, embroidered with gold thread or even a vivid flowers and herbs and other rare birds and animals, their skills will be very wonderful.

        Hand embroidery is the protection of intangible heritage is one of the most valuable species, China is surviving species remain little hand embroidery. Relevant departments of our country have been urged to strengthen efforts to protect the national cultural treasure. The most famous hand embroidery and tapestry, like the origin, with production in Suzhou

        ■ Art Features hand embroidery

        The main artistic hand embroidery patterns neat feature is the silk show, the color fresh and elegant, needle-rich, Ya Yan affordable, exquisite exquisite exquisite embroidery work. The embroidery needle, the very rich and enormous, a total of 9 categories and 43 species of mainly homogeneous needle-lun needle, needle, needle Shi, random needle, needle, cutting needle, flat gold, RBI, playing son, knot, net embroidery, ice paper clips, cross-stitch, Na Jin, engraved scales needle, Shi Mao pin, pearl pin to wear and so on, using different stitch line can produce different organizations and artistic expression unique hand embroidery effects. For example, the use of facilities needle, needle embroidery of exotic animals, wool silk Chung Shun, vivid, lifelike; with scattered floral embroidery set, Live Flesh, fragrance Park Bei, the state made possible Yan; use of crewel embroidery of Portrait and landscape, changing the tissue down, decorative Sauvignon, strong artistic effect, is rich in folk, ethnic characteristics; use dot embroidery, embroidery, then the quiet elegant, very poetic; the use of sub-hit embroidery embroidery, then with antique, rustic, rich artistic effects and techniques on the flat, homogeneous, fine, dense, and, light, uniform, smooth features.

        ■ Hand Embroidery Tools

        1, stretched frame, a hand stretched, stretched two volumes;

        2, stretched frame, with a pair of three-legged stool;

        3, station frame;

        4, scissors;

        5-pin, who for the most fine wool needle for soup created by Zhu Ming. Followed by the Soviet Union needles body evenly round. Pin sharp and blunt needle nose difficult to injured hand;

        6, lines, lines with flowers, yarn, gold, silver thread and velvet.

        ■ embroidery needle introduced

        Category: Direct embroidery, needle plate, needle, trembling and needle rush needle, needle, loose needle wrong, compiled embroidery, Shih-pin, support pin, embroidered variations

        Description: One of Suzhou embroidery needle: straight embroidery

        Straight needle: fully embroidered with a vertical line into the body, pin ups and downs of the whole line at the edge, all in parallel alignment, edge port neat. Color is a unit of one kind of color line, no, and color. Where pin is too long peg to add lines, and later evolved into the shop on the moment of needle acupuncture was.

        Suzhou embroidery needle two: set pin

        Needle is bent plate shape the performance of the needle. Including cutting needle, then needle, needle, needle rotation of four. All of which the first needle, after the development of the rotating pin.

        Suzhou embroidery needle three: needle

        Began in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty to the Ming Lu Hong Park, and Embroidery, with the Shen Shou Qing, the further developed.

        Single set: also known as level sets. The embroidery is this: the first from the edge of the needles, I neat edge; second drop in the first needle into the first group admitted to first-line gap to allow the second group of needles; third required into the first end of a PCT Xu, later left the fourth installment of the space needle; the fourth installment of the end of the second group has access to a PCT Xu ... ...; later, and so on.

        Suzhou embroidery needle four: shake and needle

        A length of needles, said. This stitch is the length of the needle varied interoperability, and after the needle used to pin the middle of confusion out side of mouth missing, there are color rolls of the strengths of simulation can be used to embroider the image.

        Suzhou embroidery needle five: rush pin

        Also known as needle opposite direction, is short and straight pins along the body's position, after the needle before the needle, following a group of a group of up to grab the needle. It can be said that acupuncture is a straight needle development.

        Suzhou embroidery needle Six: needle

        Needle: a place of silk embroidered with gold and silver threads law. The methods: the first line of gold or silver embroidery to tile the top, then thread the short needles, each needle from the one assigned to one and a half, according to the embroidery patterns and swing to fill, there are two or three rows , and also a number of rows. Bundle of lines should take, such as cross pattern, as the sole binding patterns.

        Suzhou embroidery stitch of 7: San wrong pin

        Change it to use a variety of acupuncture, to yin and yang shades appropriate, seek the real shape of embroidery.

        San entire needle: a needle, Shih-pin, then needle, needle used along the length of the mixed-stitch.

        Suzhou embroidery needle Law 8: Code embroidery

        It is a method similar to weave embroidery. It includes the stamp yarn, RBI, laying down, net embroidery, clip Kam, cross peach, wool embroidery. These stitch patterns are suitable for embroidery designs, so they can be referred to as "pattern embroidery."

        Suzhou embroidery needle Nine: Rao Embroidery

        This is a phase around the needle and thread, stitch embroidery deduction form. Play seed, zip son, deduction embroidery, braids and feathers share needles, fall into this category. Fight seed: it is one of Suzhou embroidery of traditional acupuncture. Core can use embroidery, embroidery patterns can be drawn independently.

        Suzhou embroidery needle Law 10: Shih-pin

        Shi pin is added to his acupuncture needles. This needle method requires sparse and not dense, rather than differences, and, living without delay, varied and not homogeneous.

        Suzhou embroidery needle Law 11: Auxiliary pin

        Such needle is not an independent body of the needle embroidery, but to enhance the extent and shape of the embroidery features a vivid expression of the auxiliary used in acupuncture. Included in this type of acupuncture are: auxiliary needle, an acupuncture treatment, needles, etc. engraved scales.

        Suzhou embroidery needle for 12: variant of embroidery

        Embroidery, some means of other tools, materials and process methods, changes took place of conventional embroidery special embroidery method is change body of embroidery, including dyeing embroidery, embroidered up, Jie-color embroidery, high embroidery, Abstract class and shear velvet. Dyeing Embroidery: Embroidery of the Yuan Dynasty characters, flowers, birds and more ink Miaomei to time, to draw on behalf of the embroidery. Dyed embroidery method is to start from here is still in use.

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